Bass Spinning Rod Setup for Lighter Lures

Bass Spinning Rod Setup

​Spinning for bass allows you to throw much lighter lures than you could normally on a standard casting rod. ​A good spinning combo for bass will generally require the following list of tackle:​Rod – 6’6″ to 7′ in length, medium/light power rating with a fast actionReel – Size 2000 – 3000 spinning reel Line – 10 … Read more

Musky Rod and Reel Setup

Musky Rod and Reel Setup

​Musky are easily the largest predatory fish that the majority of freshwater fishermen will seek out ​on a regular basis. If you are planing on fishing in a water that is known to have large muskie present within it then you better make sure that you musky setup is up to the task. For smaller musky you … Read more

Best Spinning Rod and Reel Combo for Bass

Best Spinning Combo for Bass

​For most fishermen a spinning rod and reel combo for bass won’t be their go to setup of choice, however there are certain times when it will have an advantage over a baitcaster combo. The best spinning rod for bass will fall in the medium/light to ultralight power rating. There really is no reason why you … Read more

Ultralight Bass Fishing

ultralight bass fishing

​Make no mistake about it catching bass on light weight gear can be one of the most exciting ways to fish. Ultralight bass fishing has grown at an incredible rate in recent years as fishermen realize just how much fun it can be catching bass in this style. Throwing small finesse style lures does require a change … Read more

Best Catfish Combo

Best Catfish Rod and Reel Combo

​Catfish grow big, really big! Matching your tackle to suit them is crucial. A light weight spinning setup may be fine for smaller channel cats but of your are in search of monster blue or flatheads then you’ll have to have a rod with more power. So which setup is best?A baitcasting rod and reel is a … Read more

Best Musky Rod and Reel Combo

Best Musky Rod and Reel Combo

​Musky are probably the biggest freshwater fish that most anglers in the USA will target on a regular basis. The best musky rod and reel combo needs to be able to withstand the size and power of these monsters. When choosing your musky rod and reel you will most likely first need to consider do you … Read more

Cleaning Fishing Reels – [How to Guide]

​Do you want to keep your spinning reel for longer while maintaining its effectiveness? Well, the secret to that lies in its proper cleaning. Do you think that you have been cleaning it right? Just hold on because you will soon find out. Most people including the experts among anglers still do not know how to clean … Read more

Shore Fishing Vs Boat Fishing

Shore Fishing Vs Boat Fishing

​For lots of people, fishing from the shore is something that brings them a lot of joy in their leisure time. To be sure, there are those fishers who have been fishing from the shore for years but have always dreamed about buying a boat and getting out onto the wide open sea. It seems as if … Read more

How to Reel in a Big Fish

​One of the most exciting things about fishing is landing a really big one! Landing a big catch is what lots of anglers dream about, but there’s not a whole lot of specific information about the details of landing one. This leaves lots of inexperienced anglers out in the cold when it comes to the basics of … Read more