The Different Types of Catfish

types of catfish

The three primary types of catfish found in the United States are the blue catfish, the channel catfish, and the flathead catfish. They live in lakes, rivers, and reservoirs throughout the country. They are considered the “big three” and they are the ones that are most desired by anglers. Although all three are catfish, they vary in … Read more

Do Catfish Have Scales ???

do catfish have scales

Catfish are names for the barbels that resemble the whiskers of a cat. They can have up to four pairs of barbels and the barbels do always come in pairs. They also have chemoreceptors across their faces, which allow them to taste and smell anything they touch. They do not have scales. In fact, catfish have mucus-covered … Read more

Types of Fishing Rods

types of fishing rods

​​Walk into any tackle or bait store and you may well be overwhelmed by all of the different types of fishing rods that are on display. ​Big ones, small ones, single piece, multi piece and even telescopic rods. Once you ​are familiar with the basic types of fishing rods then it will all start to make a … Read more

Catfishing Gear and Tackle

Catfishing Gear

​With catfish ranging in weights of smaller 3 to 5 lbs channel cats all the way up to monstrous 50 lb flatheads it’s any wonder as to why there is a lot of confusion of what is the best catfishing gear and tackle to use.​Catfish are probably the least understood when it comes to choosing … Read more

Are Catfish Bottom Feeders ???

are catfish bottom feeders

When you are going fishing, it is important to know behaviors of the type of fish that you are trying to catch. For example, people often target catfish. You need to know whether they are bottom feeders or not so that you can effectively catch them. Read on to learn how the catfish feed. What Are Bottom … Read more

Do Catfish Have Teeth ???

Do catfish have teeth

​If you have ever caught a catfish and taken a look into their mouth you might be surprised to find that their mouths look pretty empty. So, do catfish have teeth ? Yes catfish do have teeth but they are not like ​traditional incisors, instead they have thousands of tiny sandpaper like teeth that they use to … Read more

Best Fishing Line for Catfish 2020/2021

best fishing line for catfish

When fishing for catfish you will almost always be using some form of bait rig or another. Between the 3 most common species of catfish the sizes and weights can vary considerably depending on the time of year and the location in which you are fishing.The best line for catfish is a line that is suitable … Read more

Best Catfish Baits

best catfish baits

​Of all of the species of fish that you can catch on a rod and line the types of bait for catfish is almost endless. You can literally take stuff out of your fridge or food cupboard and throw it at them. Catfish love smelly bait!The best catfish bait will always  either have some form of smell … Read more