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Fishing Arkansas
Fishing Arkansas
Fishing Arkansas
Item#: FA-1-55728-623-X

Product Description
Many angling guides describe the best lakes and rivers to fish. Some focus on the types of fish you’re likely to catch, and the tactics that catch them. Others capture the drama of the fishing experience. "Fishing Arkansas" combines all these facets in one comprehensive, fun-to-read guide. Divided into 12 sections describing the best fishing opportunities each month, "Fishing Arkansas" includes: • Details on where to find and how to catch 42 species of Arkansas fish, from largemouth bass, catfish, crappie and trout to lesser-known species such as paddlefish, skipjacks, bowfins and gar. • Seasonal fishing information for almost 100 lakes and more than 35 rivers. • Hundreds of valuable fishing tips gleaned from decades of on-the-water experience and interviews with dozens of guides, biologists and expert anglers. • A handy guide to additional sources of information about Arkansas fishing. • Biology, history, travel, adventure, fine writing--there’s something here for everyone who enjoys reading about the great outdoors.

2000, University of Arkansas Press. 288 pages. Soft cover. Signed by author.